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Maybe after reading a few of these complaints the Chair, the rest of the Board and the Property Manager may realize that we now have a public place to show and follow their managing skills, their inability to manage or, if any, dishonesty.  

This Complaint/Kudos box Started June 2017 - It's Open, Go To 'Read Rules - Post Complaint' page, read rules, click 'I Agree' then Post Your Comment. It's That Easy.
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Post about - The Board, the Property Managers, Board made up rules & policies, Changing of Condo Bylaws, Board & Management secrecy, lack of transparency, bullying, next to nothing in the posted minutes,

While we're at it, if you condo dwellers email these complaints directly to the 3  Gov't officials in charge of Bill 9, as well as to the complaint box, now we're getting heard. if you like, and if you start your complaint with the word 'forward', then post it, I'll email the Gov't officials for you.

Premier Rachel Notley (
and Service Alberta Minister Stephanie McLean (
and Service Alberta Deputy Minister David Morhart (

it could open 'SOMEONES' eyes to the unjust punishment that's happening to us Alberta condo owners. That could force the NDP party into taking the correct action.






How Insiders Get Started Pocketing Your Condo Fees Legally.

By adding insider board members, having an insider condo lawyer, changing of bylaws with little time to review bylaws, all for one vote & friendly persuasion.

Do not in any way whatsoever allow an INSIDER to get a foothold into your Condo Complex.

They start slowly & surely and work their way inwards towards gaining trust and authority.

Before you know it they are pocketing your condo fees without you even knowing you are being fleeced. 

Go to 'Inside Insider Corruption' and read about their sneaky maneuvers.





No One Likes Fee Increases, But:
Paying more money is never fun.  In some cases, however, it may be unavoidable. While there is a perception that Boards maliciously raise fees, remember that they pay the same as everyone else.  They suffer equally when there is a Condo Association assessments increase.

However, there could be a back-stabber, so you should always be an informed and involved Owner.  Make sure the fee increase is going to the right things, and you’ll lead a better Condo life.   


 Issues with Condo Industry Interest (Insider) Groups

Condo industry interest (insiders) groups are associations that represent condo lawyers, builders, various trades and professionals whose income largely comes from condos, and management companies as well as managers.

These groups are very active politically in order to retain their advantages over condo owners. They lobby the government very persistently to make sure that, if there is a new and improved Condo Act, the changes will not reduce their bottom line; above all, they want to retain control over management licensing and education, directors' education, and any institution the government would put in place to provide oversight and direct help to owners.

Recently, they have tried to be as influential as possible in the reformulation of the Condo Act. Largely,
their interests totally conflict with those of owners.  Author Unknown


 I have read the Legislative Brief you submitted to the government. I want to add that I don’t understand why CCI and ACMO don’t want to help improve rights of condo owners: what they propose would make our lives even more difficult. Even when & if the Condo Act is improved (and I am not holding my breath with the type of government we have, they could have done this way sooner) we will still need managers, condo lawyers and various services and suppliers.

I just can’t understand what they are afraid of? They won’t lose business. I guess that they just want to control us, it’s both an issue of power and also an issue of the fact that right now they abuse our rights and the money is flowing in their direction like a broken tap.

These groups are dishonest and I can see it in my own condo because we have to fight the manager for every reasonable request we make and of course, then she gets very angry at us and some of us have received letters from that condo lawyer with threat of lien if we don’t pay up and this manager is an ………… and her management company is listed with ……………. and you should see how fast money is leaving us with her pet contractors and the board is way too ignorant and too in awe of the advice they receive from her pet contractors to say anything.

They have all these projects to improve our building and it’s not an old building, and most of these “improvements” are useless and they are looting our reserve fund to do this.

One board member new on the board and a good neighbor before told me he couldn’t talk to me any more and he was afraid of the manager and her management company and he was afraid of the president.

If we had a fair condo act, us owners could quickly receive some help. Anonymous


I am a [deleted] contractor that has worked in condos for a long time. Recently a manager asked me for a [$ deleted] kickback. I have worked in these buildings for over two decades, but I walked away from them after this.

I find that many managers these days come from countries where kickbacks and bribery are common practices. They expect their contractors to offer them large amounts of money if they are doing a major project.

I know many contractors that refuse to play this game but others participate because they want the job.
Condo fees are going sky high and this is part of the reason why. Anonymous


 I am a retired [deleted] contractor that used to work mainly in condos in [deleted] and around areas. I had lots of experience with condos and I have made a lot of easy money and seeing how incompetent managers are, how they like “gifts” and how ignorant boards are I swore that I’d never live in a condo.

But I have a heart problem and my wife wanted me to buy a condo and I went to the gossip mill before we bought one, an older one that is better built and that has a president that gets second opinions and stands for his owners’ best interest rather than his stupid pride, so he doesn’t waste money on us contractors unless necessary.

So that’s where I am and its very good. One guy told me to look up the letters in your blog and now that I am out I can tell you that its all true. We see condos as easy money. We add a bit to our bills, we do a few things that are not exactly necessary and no one knows any better.

We have a list of easy managers and easy presidents, they are our easy money. But we don’t mess around with those places where the managers know what they do and care or where presidents are there for there owners.

We respect those and do good work for them and earn our money the right way. Now I’ll be a fan of your blog but before I would have hated it because it comes too close to the truth. But keep my name to yourself please. [name deleted]

This is to follow up on the recent letters that you posted about fraud and kickbacks. If you know this [condo] business, you know that managers move around from condo to condo and company to company. So we see and hear a lot of things.

Me and my manager buddy get together for a beer after work and swap stories. My buddy told me that at his management company, all of the condos use the same [contractor deleted] contractor. He said that this is because the vice president of the management company gets a kickback on every contract.

The same story is happening at my company. The vice president gives contracts to a relative. We used to complain to each other, but after a while we started taking those …….. and ……… tickets and other things. If our managers are getting a piece of the pie, why shouldn`t we? Everybody does it in the condo industry. Anonymous


A few years back I changed management company and was transferred to replace this manager and I was surprised by how much work was being done in one of my new condos by a couple of regular contractors that I will not name here.

The board didn't seem to have a clue and had been very happy with this manager because she was good at planning, they said and did preventive maintenance so that the condo was problem free, they said. After a while, these contractors showed up without my even asking them and indicated that they were here to check when they should carry out such and such preventive maintenance.

I told them that I would call them back when I felt it was necessary. I called my former contacts and they agreed that this maintenance was not necessary, not so often, in a condo that age and they had never heard of one of the types of work being done like this.

Then I was very surprised when I received a call from one of my superiors and [he/she] just casually asked me what I needed done in my house because this contractor always did try to help managers in the condos they service. It was just good PR [he/she] said.

I am making this short here but later I also learned that another manager had a lot of work done by the same contractors for free. Guess where the money comes from for this "PR" eventually? Your’e right the owners.  Anonymous



What Are the Most Common Problems Reported?  

1st,  letters focusing on financial problems including unwarranted expenditures and waste of condo monies; misuse of the reserve fund; esthetic changes that are given precedence over needed repairs; large surpluses that are misused; special assessments not explained or out of proportion to the work done; rigged contract bidding process; contracts being awarded to the same contractors preferred by the manager with consequent loss of money; unnecessary work done by contractors; staff not doing their job so that more staff or outside contractors have to be hired; fees going up too quickly or increasing despite large surpluses; kickbacks, fraud, and outright theft.  

2nd,  letters mentioning lack of communication from boards of directors and/or managers, especially about money issues such as reasons for fee hikes, itemized prices of upgrades and large maintenance costs; confusing accounting; special assessments; loans. Lack of information about board meetings; refusal by boards/managers to respond to owners' enquiries and to provide information requested.  

3rd, letters about repairs/maintenance that are not being carried out, often for months and even years, including refusals to attend to water penetration problems in units or damage caused by water penetration; mold in fan coils and other places; broken windows/doors; pool areas that are unsanitary; etc.  

4th,  letters reporting that boards and/or managers refuse access to condo documents to which they have a right.  

5th, owners also write about the fact that they end up intimidated, bullied, discriminated against, or threatened by boards/managers when they request services or make justifiable complaints. Many receive accusatory letters telling them to stop their "harassment" and numerous others receive unwarranted letters from the condo's lawyer and often have to pay for these letters.   

This is absolutely unacceptable. Call for the special meeting and have your vote. Then lay down some rules for the new board & management to comply with, get tough. Anonymous


Do Residents Have the Right to Use Their Unit for Business?  

Not generally. Most residential condos have a clause in their declaration stating that the building is strictly residential. Or, yet, units are referred to as residential units.   

Therefore, residents do not have the right to use their unit as an office or a small factory for business purposes.   

However, nowadays, with cell phones and computers, most people continue their professional activities when they return home. That’s totally acceptable and disturbs no one.  

What is definitely prohibited is for residents to have business associates, employees, clients, or patients in the premises as well as use a great deal of office equipment, sewing equipment, storing supplies, and electricity as well as water for business purposes.   

This could involve doing laundry for others, operating a small catering business that requires cooking and refrigeration, a professional office such as a psychiatric or a legal office.  

It is boards’ duty to terminate such arrangements. After due notices have been served and failed, a board could apply for a Court order to comply and the residents in question would likely have to pay Court fees as well.  Anonymous


I trust that you will keep this letter confidential in terms of my name. I just bought a condo, my father is in one of the trades that condos most often use .... and I hate to say this but [the situation] may be even worse than what is father... was afraid that I would end up paying huge fees because these boards spend and spend. These boards just live in a little bubble of their own and they are supported by the manager and often the solicitor and especially the contractors and suppliers that constantly offer new options and new ideas that will “increase the value of their investment”

.... is eventually owners that pay for this retail therapy that the boards like to indulge in and these [rising] fees end up decreasing the investment.

My father and his pals see absolutely nothing wrong in cozying up with the boards and esp. the presidents and stroking their egos and making them feel so important and telling them what a great job they are doing and you have no idea how well this works.

These people don’t even see that there are better alternatives, cheaper ones that are as good, they are in love with the techs and the glamour that are presented to them and they don`t know a thing about them so it`s easy to con them. They are real foolish little cliques that are out of touch with reality.

Owners are too afraid and kept too ignorant to do anything. The fraud that takes place is just incredible, the padding of invoices is just one thing and I won`t even mention the kickbacks to management..... [deleted]

My father and his pals know which condos are easy marks and they drink to them! Even so, these are good men trying to make a living for their families and if the boards are stupid, the way they see it, it`s these boards that are in the wrong.

The real issue is that it is too easy for suppliers to make money out of condos because you are right, there is no oversight. It’s just too tempting an opportunity to pass it up. Your website is the only thing that dares spell out the truth. But things are so secret that I bet most people don`t believe it: they should! [deleted]

I want the government and people to wake up and face the corruption. I don’t care how they call it, it IS corruption and boards are willing victims, but owners arent’. Anonymous


I'm posting this Kudos because they deserve it. They being our Board of Directors. The AGM was a smooth and efficient occasion. No dilly-dallying at any time. From our financial report to voting in new board members. No new members so board decided to stay intact for another term, owners voted yes. That was OK with all owners recognizing that this board had a beneficial and satisfactory year. The chair touched on all last years completed business and projects with everyone being satisfied with the work that was accomplished. We even managed to acquire a 'Fixed Day' (same day every year) to hold our AGM. Motion was made, vote was in favor. We are leaving the Sept. 'Fixed Day' to be chosen by the board. This time the board worked with the owners, the board and manager didn't resort to use any bylaw rights or wrongs. Just goes to show that harmony can bring concerns to a successful and suitable conclusion. Overall, I think everybody had a pleasurable and 'feel good' evening. If the board can keep this 'feel good' atmosphere alive we can all look forward to a very good couple of years. A tip of the hat to our board.  Anonymous

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Comment - Sign Up to receive updates periodically and keep aware of the corruption & abuse towards all Alberta condo owners. What rights do we have, if any? Can they do that? But, we hire them, they can’t do that? That’s an owners meeting not a board meeting, isn’t it? That’s our money, how can they get away with that? Keep on top of all these questions & more. Sign up on the Member form, bottom every page.



Whatever you do, do not let your manager and president of the board force you to fall victim to unwarranted expenditures and waste of condo money; misuse of the reserve fund; creative changes that are given precedence over needed repairs; large surpluses that are misused; special assessments not explained or out of wack to the work done; fixed contract bidding process; contracts being awarded to the same contractors preferred by the manager with consequent loss of money; unnecessary work done by contractors; staff shirking on the job so that more staff or outside contractors have to be hired; kickbacks, fraud, and outright theft.

This will lead to sizable loses. You must gather together, call a special meeting and unanimously vote for their instant removal. The key here is you must work together…Don’t let them get started.  Anonymous


How can they get away with that? 

MAXIMUM INJUSTICE Done to Alberta Condo Owners,   

This complete Alberta Bylaw Condo Act / Bill 9 fiasco has got to be the ULTIMATE INJUSTICE done to a single Alberta stakeholder group. This injustice has to be stopped. If this injustice were laid out in front of a Canadian Court of Law, there is no doubt in my mind, the Courts would immediately throw it out and have new condo legislation enacted. 

If the, implementing major change, group, had an equal number of insiders and condo owners in the group to revise the Alberta Condominium Property Act / Bill 9, it would be less punishing and more inclusive, fair and balanced for condo owners and the insiders alike, and the development of the condo Dispute Tribunal likewise adjusted would also be more inclusive, fair and balanced for the insiders and to protect and benefit Alberta condo owners against corruption and abuse.

Equal justice.  Why won’t the Gov’t deal with this injustice as it stands right now? Someone please tell me.  Anonymous


I wonder if our property manager and the chair are becoming too autocratic.  You know a couple years ago us owner residents decided to release the present property manager before the following AGM.  

It was simple, he just wasn’t doing much of what was in his job description. So we fired the managing firm with plenty of time to choose their replacement.

We hold our AGM, our board had rounded the managing firms down to 3, we vote and gave our board the right to make the final decision to pick the most qualified to suit our needs.  

What an error we made. Not knowing at the time, the board chair was quite a bully.

Anyway, the firm she (the board) picked, as I was told, she had worked with previously.   Now, usually you give, a new to us, firm, a one year prove you deserve and the following year, if you deserve, we will hire you for another year.  

The property manager is managing, amongst your other biz, the owner residents money. In a huge complex, it’s quit substantial and things can go awry.   

Your not going to believe this, she immediately gives this firm a 3 year contract. WHAT YOU SAY, yes a 3 year contract to a, new to us, firm. I don’t like the smell of this.  Anonymous


 I have neighbours who live in their condo for 8 months of the year, the rest of the time they are in the Europe.  When they are here it's like a bad dream, they are both heavy footed and are continually dropping things on a laminate floor.   They start doing renos and it is taking them over a dozen days to put in a new floor in small condo! Hammering, banging, sawing, drilling and scraping, then dropping tools on the floor.  They have no idea of how it sounds to me, I have been tolerant since they moved in, but now, I will be putting in a formal complaint.  I cannot stand their noise any longer. They do not realize that living in a building like this means they have neighbours in close proximity.  Anonymous 


 We just have been told that we would have to pay for a special assessment of around $27,000 each unit in two instalments, one in two months and the other in six months.   Not only we can’t afford this but it is very unfair because it is for the roof and owners have been complaining about leaks for three years now and they have refused to do anything or even never answered us, so they knew about it and could have saved some money;   instead they went ahead with stupid expenditures such as replacing gates, doors and repainting the garages and others that could in all cases have waited until there was no emergency such as leaky roofs.   

As a result our reserve fund was depleted of around $450,000 in just over two years just for cosmetic reasons that were we all agreed not important at all except for the pride of the board and perhaps the benefit of some of the contractors all good friends of the manager.   

How can we stop this and instead take a loan that we could repay in smaller and longer special assessments?  How can we get rid of these people? Thank you. Anonymous 


 Can't we legally do anything about this Gov't and Insider partnership?   Alberta condo owners are the economic engine that sustains the highly profitable condo industry.   WE own the assets and WE pay the bills that produce condo industry profits and contribute to the salaries of condo managers, lawyers, builders, developers and wide variety of other condo industry service providers, and WE are the economic engine behind the condo industry successes!   

Without us purchasing our condos and paying the bills, there would be no condominium industry! That point gets lost in the politics of Government and their protection of condo insider groups with much to gain in maintaining the status quo as they work to protect their long held power, prestige and profits.
  As Alberta condo owners, we are the single largest stakeholder group of all stakeholder groups in Alberta, and in the past we have been heard the least!  It is time to change that with up-to date legislation that protects us as condominium consumers!

 We want the Government to make Alberta condo laws less punishing and more inclusive, fair and balanced for Alberta condo owners.   We need more accountability with consequences for boards, managers, owners, lawyers, and builders who are corrupt.   Remember, it is us condo owners who pay all condo complex bills. The current condominium legislation heavily favours condo industry insider groups, including condo boards.
   Why are we allowing the NDP Gov't to keep listening to the insiders. I thought bias and slush fund were two illegal actions when Gov't is involved. Anonymous



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