Apparently, in this particular Bill 9 concern, 'Corruption & Abuse' is Ab. Gov't Protected.

This whole Bill 9 disaster is probably the worst injustice ever fashioned by an Alberta Gov't. towards a typecast group of people, being the Alberta Condo Owners. 

Condominium Property Amendment Act/Bill 9

Directed to Premier
Rachel Notley

Condo Act/Bill 9

Alberta Condo Act Team's (ACAT) LIST OF “26 IMPROVEMENT IDEAS” (having to do with Condo Act/Bill 9) tweaked DECEMBER 1, 2017 is just below.

While bringing more than 60 amendments into force, although that's ongoing, 'Service Alberta' is trying to implement those changes into the Condo Property Amendment Act this year, 2017 (What is Service Alberta? see below) Apparently, for the betterment of Condo Owners. All of us Alberta Condo Owners have actively been trying to reach that betterment. We've been trying since 2009.

The last amendment was 2014, non of the condo owners improvement ideas were even acknowledged, hello! they were entirely rejected. Allegedly Corruption & Abuse is Ab. Gov't Protected. If the Condo Act/Bill 9 stays unchanged this year, likely to happen  although with different wording that means 'stays the same'.  (lawyer lingo)  

This whole fiasco is probably the worst injustice ever fashioned by an Alberta Gov't. towards a typecast group of people,being the Ab. Condo Owners

There are well over 1 million condos in Alberta. That means well over 1 million condo owners. And well over 1 million potential voters.

NDP you should be disgustingly ashamed of yourselves for letting this injustice happen on your watch.

To see the 21 improvement ideas the condo owners (Alberta Condo Act Team ) presented and that Service Alberta completely dismissed, see bottom of this article.
Also see bottom of article For the LATEST, EXPANDED, UPDATED "26 Improvement Ideas", These override, and negate, all other editions so please delete ALL previous copies.
Follow info below to go to the 26 ACAT improvement ideas.

Service Alberta is a branch of the NDP Gov't. This branch is fully responsible for any changes made and/or not made to the Condo Act/Bill 9. They are completely accountable for any/all revisions to Bill 9. They are also completely accountable when no revisions are made and all is left the same, that is what the insiders want &  prefer.

The rules and regulations, set by the Alberta Gov't, in the Condominium Act that the condo owners of Alberta have to abide by. Bill 9 favors the insiders on almost every rule and/or regulation in the Bill. Total injustice to all Alberta Condo Owners.

If you don’t know who the insiders are, the big 4 are Condo Management Companies, (it's well known Presidents of many Condo Boards have been in collusion with Management) watch for red flags, The Condo Insurance Companies, The Condo Lawyers and the well positioned Condo Contractors/Suppliers and of course the Lobbyists. They all lobby the Gov’t, big time. And you know what that means, of course, no changes. 

The insiders do not want any changes made to the Condo Act/Bill 9, they all thrive off the condo industry. Gov't protection of the condo industry insider groups is like a safe haven for them. The insiders have much to gain by protecting their long held power over condo owners, their stature and extremely humongous profits, all paid by the condo owners.

'SEVICE ALBERTA' statement - Your government is committed to making everyday life better for you and your family. We understand the need for clear and modern legislation to support responsible self-governance of vibrant condominium communities and to protect owners of condominiums.
Watchdog's Opinion:
Appears to me Service Alberta has failed miserably on that promise and THAT is the backbone of their mandate. As a matter of fact, they failed big time on their whole mandate. > 'clear and modern legislation'  ' support responsible self-governance of vibrant condominium communities.

Who are those statements directed at? Who are they supposedly helping? It sure isn't the Alberta Condo Owners and if it is, prove it, show the Condo Owners some justice.  What kind of game are they playing here? It just shows, without any doubt, that Service Alberta has deep-seated disrespect for all Alberta Condo Owners.

We all feel betrayed and totally disappointed by your NDP Gov’t..   

Remember, over 1 million potential voters!

So help me God, I cannot understand why you continue to allow this Alberta Condo Owner injustice, to persist, on your watch.   

I don’t know how you can sleep at night. You are carrying around a tremendous amount of shame. And well deserved.




This is the type of abuse the NDP Gov't. 'SRVICE ALBERTA' has shoved down our (Ab. Condo Owners) throats since May 5, 2015, when they won the Alberta Election.  

They flatly refused to give any Ab Condo Owners a seat at the Bill 9 revisions table and totally ignored the 26 (ACAT) Alberta Condo Owners Team, Bill 9 improvement ideas.  


Improvement Ideas (revisions to these particular Bill 9 rules & reg's) as of September 2017

1. Condo board member training, Code of Ethics and Conduct
2. Condo board responses to Condo Owner GENERAL and SALE/LEASE/RENTAL Requests
3. Proxies
4. Bylaws
5. Board generated “Rules”
6. Condo owner voting
7. AGM notice and legal, condo manager/condo “consultant” involvement
8. Condo board meeting minutes
9. Pets
10. Condominium Dispute Tribunal
11. Electronic transfer of condo documents to condo owners
12. Document costs
13. Condo manager document screening of condo owner correspondence to condo board
14. Third party sale of condo corporation documents/copyright ownership
15. Condo manager “Preferred Supplier” fees/commissions/upcharges disclosure
16. Condo manager “Errors and Negligence” downloads to condo corporations
17. Inspection reports
18. Privacy Act clarification
19. Tenants on condo boards
20. Owner deposits for tenant behaviour
21. “Problem Owner” branding
22. Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA) condominium manager licensing, regulation and education
23. English or French
24. Government imposed financial/legal penalty for condo boards/industry service providers breaking laws
25. Alberta Government notice to condominium owners of future condominium legislation changes/updates
26. Ban redaction of condo corporation events, issues, actions, and decisions from OUR condo documents

And 2 more.

IMPORTANT > FOR MORE INFORMATION AND A THOROUGH CLARIFICATION OF "what is the purpose of the  28 improvement ideas "   VERSUS   "Bill 9 rules & reg's as it now stands"         


REMEMBER - email all your condo complaints to Premier Rachel Notley to show your support for the Ab. condo owners and for the NDP to wake up to the fact that this excessive injustice is happening on their watch. It is the NDP's duty to put an end to this.

Premier Rachel Notley (


The Year 2030

The Future AS I See It

In Alberta We Either Win This Battle (Condo Act/Bill 9 improvements) This Time Around, 2017, Or Look At A Long Miserable 2 to 10 Years Before We Get This Chance Again.



In Days Gone By: Every once in awhile, maybe once in a lifetime, you hear of a group of people 'knee deep in quicksand' fighting for a purpose, and that certain group getting a tremendously lucky break.

As time goes by, every so often over the years, somebody would bring up that story of those lucky condo owners. Over the years it came to be known as the ‘true grit’ story.The question always asked, how did that group ever defeat those 'high powered, high flying Gov't protected insiders & lobbyists, and who ran the condo owners show, like who was their quarterback through all the corruption & abuse they faced in those years and what was that quarterbacks’ name.

It’s also said this group was living with rules, regulations and policies that if broken, they were guilty with no chance of defending themselves. And if they did defend and won they would have to pay anyway, plus pay all court costs to boot.

On top of that, they say those poor people had to pay all costs involved in the overall operation of the condo complex where they lived, from alpha to zulu and everything in-between.

It’s said the tradesmen had to pay to get a ‘contract job’ at a condo complex back then, pay ‘up-charges’, whatever that implied back then, to cover management consulting fees over and above their yearly salary and hourly rates for any extra letters by email/post or extra meetings over and above the contract job description. And you’ll never guess who ended up paying those so called ‘up-charges’, your right, the condo owners. As it was, the owners had to pay all salaries, all utilities, all maintenance costs, all contractor costs.

I’m puzzled as to how and who railroaded them into this mass injustice.With those costs and that kind of punishment I’m curious as to how the owners survived in those days.

Where did all the condo fees money go. In Alberta that’s tens of millions a year.

Also the stories about the board and management being so domineering, imagine the board or management trying to bully us today, they would be held accountable with tribunal results.

I also heard that back then they had a difficult time receiving any information from the board or management in regards to maintenance costs, the reserve fund and other documentation as needed. Could you see them trying to keep vital info. from us today, again they would be held accountable, fined by the tribunal for their actions and barred from any board or committee for 10 years.Wow,

it darn near sounds like they paid to be punished, for living in a condo that was home to them. I wonder what truck they fell off.

They say that the Gov’t at that time, NDP or whatever it was, had to flee Alberta. However, that Party had carried on a massive injustice to ten’s of thousands of Albertans for several years. Not knowing the rest of Canada had been watching and listening, the other Provinces decided they also didn’t want anything to do with that Gov’t and banished it accordingly.

Nobody wanted them, stating ‘not to us you won’t’.Everyone that hears this story says the most stupid thing they ever heard was that Gov’t saying ‘why us’ as that Gov’t Party was dissolving. As for the insiders, once identified, their businesses all went bankrupt.

Yes, like they say, that group did get lucky, ten’s of thousands got that lucky break, that lucky break being their quarterback.

And today, in 2030, we are reaping the rewards with peaceful, friendly, pleasant and ‘monetary sound’ condo living.

Thanks to them we even have 5 extra ‘board meeting seats’ for any ‘live in’ condo owner who wishes to sit in on a board meeting. No board power but an owner can make light suggestions and can definitely put a stop (with tribunal agreement) to any collusion or dishonesty. Rotation seating for the extras is a requirement and is usually needed anyway. No secret meetings ever, period. I bet they wish this extra seating for meetings was available back then.

They say she called a masterful game, precise moves, skilled advances and had the insiders crying foul. With insiders yelling you're a crook, unfair, your cheating, why can’t you play fair.

A come from behind victory with the odds heavily stacked against her. She won that game called justice, Bill 9 justice, she beat them on a slanted playing field, slanted in their favor, slanted in the Gov’t and the insiders favor. They were not aware she had that much grit, true grit.
Ya that quarterback, the legend… Dr. JD

‘Now you know the rest of the story'.

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for more info regarding our ongoing struggle to challenge corruption & abuse in the Alberta condo owner issues.



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