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This is the compilation of information ‘handout’ that caused the Chair of the Board to be so belligerent during that December 12, 2016 phone call, from her,  with false accusations and demands to stop doing what I never did in the first place. She did no investigating whatsoever to find out if the complaint to her, regarding my actions, were true or not. After her outburst she hung up. I asked for an apology, never did recieve the apology. She reminds me of that guy way down south who does a lot of tweeting. However, this informative & educational security handout was given to the Board on Dec. 5, 2016. they did nothing with it, only that belligerent phone call. This is Identical material to the original handout, made tidy for an improved look. 13 pages  
Suggestions As Compiled From the Internet legally - Information Regarding How the Burglar Operates, What Can Happen and Invasion Prevention.


These suggestions are only suggestions and are of my own opinion. It may help if a few written facts, with reference to ‘Building Security’, were placed in front of all owners in this complex.

 Maybe it’ll help clear up the misunderstanding of ‘Our Buildings Security’ that took place at the last ‘Info Security Meeting’ on Mon. Nov 28, 2016. It was very clear that at least 50% didn’t understand or didn’t care what was being discussed during that meeting. Either that, or they just didn’t think that a robbery would ever happen to them at this place.

Maybe this information will wake them up to the fact that yes it can and will happen here if we don’t wake up and get with it. Thats a guarantee. Maybe it will make them a little more understanding to the ‘building security’ problem we are presently facing. These break-ins are going to become routine until a very serious attack takes place in one of our Condo units or in the underground parking area. Then maybe we’ll take some action.

In this day and age of drug addicts, gangs and gangsters and us with our non existing security, we are sitting ducks for professional burglars. We are simply asking for trouble. Until we spend some decent money on a building security system the burglars will keep coming. It’s simple, our economy and drugs dictate that it’s going to get worse. The police will verify that.     

Look at the rut we’re all in because a few bad apples don’t want the Board to spend much money on security with security being the one thing the bad apples don’t appreciate. Why they don’t appreciate, because their mindset says it won’t happen to them. We are all at risk because of those few. Lets put a stop to that, tell the board President to go ahead and get a few security quotes on a decent system and lets get this going before its to late.   

Burglars are not stupid, they know the score and yes they’ll keep coming. An armed robbery, a home invasion, a stabbing, Heaven forbid for that to happen to anyone in this complex. I don’t even wish that on my enemies.

To the Board, feel free to distribute this to all residents if you feel a need.

How and Why To Prevent Break and Enters, Armed Robberies and Home Invasions.     

Cars, Suv’s, and Pick-Ups, not all thieves head directly to the underground parking to steal vehicles and vehicle parts. The majority of burglars prefer money, credit cards, jewelry, gold and diamonds, crystal, coin and stamp collections, furs, electronics, etc. Anything they can sell fast and easy. Burglars on the whole are robbery wise. They know the good stuff they want is on the upper floors. They know you pay much more for a Condo on the upper floors and a little more yet for a view, so that’s where the expensive stuff they want will be.

Therefore, first of all they have to get in the building, at this time it’s rather easy for a professional burglar to break in. Then walk up to the 5th, 6th, 7th or 8th floors and finally into your suite via the pry bar, their favorite tool. At that point it’s still a robbery, possibly an armed robbery, but still a robbery.

While they are ransacking your suite lets hope their disguise does not come off. If it does, identification comes into play then & there, and the robbery can suddenly turn into a home invasion / kidnapping, very cruel & very demanding. Not a position you want to be in.

Best bet, keep them from entering the building in the first place. They also realize the 1st and 2nd floor Condo’s are available for fast in and out break and enter robberies. If you have a 1st or 2nd floor Condo keep your doors and windows locked when not home or at night. If you can, you should have a home security system installed. Whatever you can afford in a security system is well worth it, the more security devices the better, although the costs go up per device, especially a security camera, like I said, its well worth it.   

1st floor units can have people and/or vehicle traffic. Your Condo is always there to be seen, it seems to always be within the thieves reach.

The people and traffic during the day may help stop the daytime break-ins.

Different story at night. Any drunk or druggie that’s passing by, and thinks he’s a thief, can try to take advantage of any entry weakness he sees. Make it hard for a burglar to decide to break in, keep your outside light on at night. Invest in a security system. Reason for your outside light being turned on at night, burglars fear being identified and with that light on he could be identified. He may move on looking for a darker easier place to rob.    

Yes, for night exterior break and enter, professional burglars do use ladders or climb, most are excellent climbers, to a second floor unit. In the summer a lot of screen doors and screen windows are open to keep the Condo cool. That’s when the ladder or climbing skills will be used, Makes for easy entry with the element of surprise on their side. A real surprise, a surprise you don’t need or want. Install a motion sensor siren on your patio, just to sensor your entire patio, now the surprise will be on him, any burglar coming over your patio railing will set off the siren alarm and he will most likely disappear into the night.

If a burglar realizes you have a security system in place he will usually move on to other places not as risky to burglarize,

Most of the info in this read is gathered from the internet, police websites, security & safety review companies and some sites with quotes from burglars.   Take this info as you wish but keep in mind it was compiled for the benefit of all residents and hopefully to kickstart a decent Security System to protect all of us.

This United 3 Device System Is The Best ‘Security System’ To Prevent Burglaries:         

*HD Camera: With 24/7 professional monitoring, motion detection & police dispatch. The burglar will know the police are dispatched. He doesn’t know how long it will take them to arrive…A HUGE RISK for a burglar.    

*Siren: An alarm system is one of the top ways to deter burglars from targeting your home. Will the burglar still attempt a robbery - A HIGH RISK for the burglar. Not likely.  

*Lighting:  Motion and dusk to dawn activated flood lights make it VERY RISKY for a burglar. Lighting is the first blockade, usually enough to change his mind and move on to a darker score.

All 3 united give you a very effective force against burglary. Why would he attempt to rob a place with the 3 level protection, he wouldn't. Too many easier pickings out there. If you want good solid protection then this is a must.   

To help us alleviate our security problem we could start small and increase our security system every 3 months till a burglar wants absolutely nothing to do with this place.

Something has to be done!!!.   We can start with 5 cameras, one for each exit man door, garage doors will be monitored with parking exit man door.

Lock protection upgrades to the main doors as well to all 5 exit man doors. Again, all FOB entry points should have a siren alarm system. No fob no entry. If forced entry, a loud screaming alarm is emitted. The burglar won’t realize what he is getting into and he’ll probably take off running.

Lighting also has to be done now, our lighting situation is shameful, look around after the neighbors spot lights go out at midnight, from 2 units south of our main door to north end of building including ramp, dark real dark,

Burglars love it. Southend,between the neighbor and this place, terrible, one little door light. Same on north west exit man door, one little door light. North end, again just terrible. Along east side and the terrace, a few flood lights would really help this situation.

If you think one little door light is sufficient, think again. The burglar would snuff that light out in a heart beat if he had to. But why would he when he can be inside in 10 seconds with absolutely nothing to stop him once inside. He is now free to go wherever he wants.  

We do have a Security Camera in the lobby but its not available on the security channel. You can run the tape back once you realize there was a robbery, but by that time the burglar has done his thing and is long gone.
Nobody is monitoring that camera. The equipment is so old it’s not working properly anyway. It should be replaced right now.    

You need to fortify your condo apartment security to make your building unappealing to potential thieves. Think of home security like an onion: there should be many layers, and peeling each one back should be difficult enough to make a burglar cry. Then he’ll flee to find more vulnerable prey.

A burglars biggest fear is that of being identified and/or arrested and all 3 of the above could get him identified and all 3 of the above could lead to his arrest. It makes an attempt to enter this building too risky so he moves on.

If you're not home it’s classified as a robbery, if you are home it can quickly turn into a home invasion and kidnapping. A real bad situation, you don’t ever want to be cornered by a burglar under these circumstances.   Get Your Security System Started

HD Camera: with 24/7 Professional  Monitoring, Motion Detection & Police Dispatch.     

The cameras job here is to set off the alarm and/or to notify police a break-in is taking place right now, and to help in the identification of the burglar. It also helps in forcing the burglar to go elsewhere. He is already thinking this place isn’t worth the risk. The camera with 24/7 monitoring, by just being there, has already forced the burglar to wear a mask, balaclava, nylon stocking, etc.  

The best defense is a good offense. Put burglars on the defense by recording their every move. You’ll need indoor and/or outdoor security cameras with night vision and a decent hard drive to record a few days worth of video. Let the indoor and/or outdoor monitoring camera and the cameras stick-on stickers be seen by the burglar, he will probably decide to move on to easier pickings. But if he does try the break-in, keep reading.    

Siren:  Install an Alarm… If you are awakened by a burglar siren alarm that’s the perfect time to go double check your deadbolt and windows, then consider yourself fortunate, the siren could have just saved your life by stopping the burglar dead in his tracks and backing him off. You can always get back to sleep but you can’t always get back to 100% if you were the victim of a robbery. An alarm system is one of the top ways to deter burglars from targeting your home. Several different systems and extras are available, from a basic alarm siren to a fortress.    

Take the maximum protection you can afford. Make sure your alarm company has a fast response time, and consider whether you want the police to be automatically notified of an alarm event. Sirens attract people. The siren itself brings people who are curious to that location and again the police have been dispatched and now the burglar/s the one on the run.   

Lighting: Motion & Dusk to Dawn Activated Lights. Illuminate shadowed areas of your home, parking and access points with motion-activated floodlights and don’t be cheap, instal more than enough. That’s right, floodlights. If a light is activated, you want a wide, bright lit up area. Also, make sure to instal efficient, dusk to dawn, bright lights, in the darkest areas. That’s a must. Remember, a burglars deepest fear is that of being identified and/or arrested, and they hate and most likely will stay away, from well lit up buildings.

 About leaving the home interior Lights On. Leaving the home interior lights on constantly is like a beacon saying to burglars, we’re not home!   Instead, install timers that will flip your lights on and off throughout the course of the day or evening as if you were really home. Burglars are not likely to rob a home when someone is home. They prefer a nobodies home, home.  Also, first floor units should leave their outside patio light on during the night, the more light the better to help in the prevention of entry into your building.

Posting Company Alarm Signs:
Don’t give burglars any information about your alarm company, since it can be used to bypass your system. Instead, just post general alarm or monitoring signs.    

Lock Your Doors:
This is so, so simple but many people fail to lock their doors. Lock up every time you go out, obviously, but also keep the doors locked when you’re home — and especially at night.      

First Floor Unit For Sale:
Any time there is a first floor unit for sale in your building, that units patio door and all windows should be checked every evening. A special alarm floor lock should be placed on the patio door with all windows that can be opened having alarm sensors. Its not the best but it could be enough to stop the burglar from entering. A burglar can break into a ground floor unit, with nobody inside to hear anything, in about 5 seconds. He then has complete access to the building, and at this time, without any obstacles to stop him.

Get a Home Security Check:
Your local police department likely offers an underutilized but invaluable public service: home security checks. Call your local officers in blue, and ask for them to come out. They’ll walk the inside and outside of your home, and suggest areas for improvement.   

Realtor ‘Lock Box and/or Key Box’ Complaints:
These boxes are now a real problem and a high risk towards break & enter crimes in cities across North America. The Real Estate Companies have brain washed people into thinking a Lock/Key Box helps sell their Homes or Condos faster. Maybe that was true a few years ago, it certainly isn’t now. The real reason behind these boxes is for the convenience, and yes I said convenience of the Real Estate salesman. The boxes are 100 % in favor of the salesman. Another reason that brings on the high break-in risks are tradesmen and maintenance people. Yes, they also have lock boxes, their own kind of lock box, same scenario though. Can you believe it! We put an FOB in those boxes, an FOB that will let anyone just walk into our building, scot free, with robbery and vandalism uppermost on their mind.   On Utube they show how to pick open these lock boxes in 15 - 30 seconds. That alone should tell you to stop using these lock boxes, like stop right now.   Enough said, you should be able to figure out the rest of the story. As well, The internet gives the owners (sellers) many different approaches to use themselves or their agents in the selling of their homes/condos. And these days, their homes and condos are much more secure and intact by NOT using the lock box. Here are a few complaints out of thousands.   

Lock Box Policy.  It has been a long standing policy of the BLANK BLANK Board of Directors to prohibit lock boxes on BLANK property. The convenience of lock boxes for realtors or maintenance people does not outweigh the security risks and resulting high costs of re-keying the building. Therefore, lock boxes are prohibited.    

Dear BLANK: Our strata council is fed up with lock boxes on our common property. We have constant problems with theft and common area keys being lost, which has ended in a number of break-ins to our storage lockers and amenities room.    

BLANK the seller’s agent should BRING the key to the condo when there is a showing, hand it over to the buyer’s agent, then take it back when the showing is over. Leaving a key in a box on the street or in the possession of a “concierge” is just asking for trouble.  Actually BLANK makes sense. The sellers agent can scope out the viewers and if they look sketchy he/she can simply withhold the key and prevent undesireables from entering the unit.   Otherwise anyone could hire an agent and get unlimited access to condos to steal things.

Last year alone our strata spent almost $5,000 in lock changes and additional losses. We don’t have a security problem in our West End neighborhood, but the lock boxes attached to our entrance rails are an invitation to anyone looking for easy access. We have now installed video cameras in the parking garage, games room and the lobby to control the problems, but we continued to encounter the same issue. We have to banish the lock boxes.

BLANK  BLANK BLANK  Published Sunday, January 25, 2015 5:15PM MST Last Updated Sunday, January 25, 2015 6:28PM MST. Residents of a condo building in southeast Edmonton were surprised to find their lock box stolen and even more surprised by what they saw on security video. BLANK  BLANK said she first noticed the box missing from her building on BLANK Street and BLANKAvenue when she returned home Saturday afternoon. Residents of the southeast condo building were surprised to notice their building's lock box had been taken off the wall.  “I happened to look over beside the panel and notice that there was a hole in the wall where the box used to be,” she told BLANK.    Residents of the southeast condo building are hoping to locate the person they believe stole the building's lock box. She said she immediately called another board member and went to review the security footage. The video shows the suspect and the theft of the box early Saturday morning.        

“It blows you away when you think that your building is safe and this is home and you are secure. Then to see someone come and do that and try and gain access to your building it baffles you and blows your mind. “Watching the video is really surreal. It gives you a cool chill down your back.”   

She said the box contained keys that were used by contractors and maintenance workers but all the locks have now been changed.  

*** READ THIS ***


See - Interview With a Burglar















Ever wonder what thieves look for before breaking into a home?

Well, we asked one…   
Two teen boys speed up to a quiet house on their bikes. They look just like what they are: two young teens from middle-class backgrounds. But they also look nothing like what they are: repeat criminals intent to break into this house.   

Joe was one of those boys. Despite his relatively stable upbringing, he’d been shoplifting from local stores for a few years. Now, he was scoping out bigger game. His paper route let him pick likely targets; he and his friend would come back later to rob them. They were successful often enough to keep doing it, again and again, until the police officer showed up on Joe’s doorstep. Soon after, he found himself heading into the juvenile detention system.  

The good news—for Joe most of all—is that he is now a grown-up in every sense of the word: a happily married father to two young kids, and a teacher of adolescents. He turned his life around.   

So we asked Joe to share what would have deterred him back in the day.

The following actions may reduce your risk of a home burglary.

“We have our house well lit all the time—24 hours a day,” says Joe. It won’t slow down a daytime break-in, but if a burglar has to choose between a brightly lit home and a darkened one, guess which one he’s more likely to go for?   

The Department of Justice classifies outdoor lighting as a security device—it’s that important. If you’d like to keep the electric bill down, motion sensors turn them on only when someone is stirring.    

Weed your garden and shovel your walk. If you don’t maintain your yard, it looks like you’re not home—and that’s very inviting. Also tall, overgrown shrubs make it easy for a thief to break in without someone noticing them. “You have to harden your target,” said Joe. Not only does an overgrown landscape provide cover to an intruder, but it can make it easier for thieves to climb in, so keep your lawn and garden tidy.    

You might be surprised at who is paying attention. “I was a paperboy back when I was breaking and entering,” explains Joe, “so I was familiar with all the households and their routines.” He knew when their occupants were home and when they weren’t—and if someone went out of town, he picked up on subtle cues.

Fool similar burglars—have someone pick up your mail and packages. You can also leave a radio or TV on inside, giving the impression that someone’s at home—and awake. Or invest in a remote switch on system so you can control your lights or TV throughout the day. Also, when you do leave on vacation, minimize the amount of time your bags are visible on the curb.   

“If I saw a sticker for a home security system, that would have been enough of a deterrent recalls Joe. “Once, we broke into a house and an alarm went off. We immediately turned around and just ran.” Window/door stickers for a home security system are one trick; another is a trusty BEWARE OF DOGS posting. “Dogs certainly would have discouraged me from breaking in, even though I knew my way around dogs,” points out Joe. If you happen to love dogs and can afford a home surveillance system, by all means go for it! But if you’re allergic or cash is tight, fake it with signs. Dummy surveillance cameras enhance the illusion and are not difficult to put up.   

There’s a reason you see barred windows in high-crime areas, after all—glass is vulnerable. Anyone can break it. “Once we made sure no one was home and no one was in visual range,” explains Joe, “our methods were very unsophisticated. We simply cracked a window.” If your windows are uncrackable small-time burglars, like Joe, are thwarted. Double-glazed windows are an expense, but they also help to insulate your home more effectively and cut down on street noise.

Can’t afford it? At least keep your windows locked.  While many robbery deterrents from Joe’s day remain unchanged, there’s a lot of new technology out there, ”home security was less sophisticated back then, and in our neighborhood it was also less prevalent,” he says. Today, home monitoring systems can make it far easier to keep your property secure even when you’re out of town.

Discourage intruders by using home automation features that allow you to lock doors remotely or sound an alarm and record video if your front door opens unexpectedly. With all the recent advancement in technology, a home monitoring system is a great way to deter intruders and keep an eye on your home while away.  

It’s all well and good to be wired and connected, but consider who might be connected to your connections. Never advertise your comings and goings on social media—78 percent of burglars said they’ve used Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms to target likely properties. More than half said online status updates clued them in to who was home—and who wasn’t.

First things first—turn off location services on your phone, which bad guys can (and do) use to figure out where you are. If you’re on a fabulous vacation, wait till you’re home to post the photos to Instagram.   

Even if you do everything right, a burglar still can make it in, so keep your stuff out of harm’s way. Don’t keep jewelry in the master bedroom—don’t keep prescription drugs in the medicine cabinet. Burglars want to get out quick, so if they don’t find what they’re looking for in the first 10 minutes, they’ll leave rather than search. And for heaven’s sake, don’t leave your house keys near the doorway! According to the polls, more than half of the burglars surveyed said homeowners practically invited them inside.
















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