*A Plea to the Media for Help*

You Probe & Publish, When Discovered We Will Report Them, We Will Have Them Charged


A Plea To The Media For Help Regarding Bill 9
SUMMARY - Alberta Condominium Act - Extreme Injustice, alleged corruption & abuse towards Alberta Condo Owners with no recourse for fairness, no decent tribunal to challenge a charge, fine or out of line cash-call administered by Condo Management and/or Condo Board. Owners fighting for change since 2009, Gov't protection for insiders, insiders are safe & sound while securing their longstanding power, stature and huge profits, Gov't 'plays possum' on any conclusion to revise Condo Act/Bill 9, secrecy, misled, stonewalled, betrayed, etc.


I’m looking for a volunteer REPORTER and/or MEDIA OUTLET person, with the tools and means, to bring our crisis out in the open and to break this story wide open. When I say ‘our’ I mean every condo owner in Alberta, and there are well over a million condo owners in the Province.

Anybody who has enough courage to take this story by the horns and run with it will be a hero to some and offended by others but deeply appreciated by all Alberta condo owners.

ANOTHER QUESTION - why hasn't, A NEWSPAPER, A WEEKLY, A MAGAZINE, RADIO STATION, TV STATION, ANYBODY ran with this story as it’s been carrying on since 2009, see below. This story has been quiet too long, enough is enough, serious stuff is going on here, behind closed doors.


The last condo amendment was 2014, prior to that it was 2009, in 09 and 14 none of the condo owners improvement ideas were even acknowledged by the Ab. Gov’t, hello! they were entirely rejected. When the insiders, 17 of them, assisted and advised the Gov't with revisions made to the Condo Act/Bill 9, not one condo owner had any input with the changes, not one condo owner was even invited to sit at the table. If the Condo Act/Bill 9 stays unchanged this year, likely to happen, although with different wording that means 'stays the same' (lawyer lingo, the whole act is written in Lawyer lingo) it could stay the same for years to come.

This year 2017 Bill 9 is up for revisions again and Service Alberta (NDP Gov’t) is up to it’s old tricks once again, like the Open Houses unsatisfactory open/close times and mickey mouse flip charts (another story for another time). The (ACAT) Alberta Condo Act Team's improvement suggestions already have been presented to Service Alberta, haven't heard anything yet and don't expect to. This whole fiasco is probably the worst injustice ever fashioned by an Alberta Gov't. towards a typecast group of people. There are well over 1 million condos in Alberta. That means well over 1 million condo owners. The largest stakeholder group in Ab.

Here are a few reasons why I’m making this PLEA and to let you know what is happening to condo owners.

These are the most common condo problems reported. 

Memos and Messages focusing on financial problems including - unwarranted expenses and waste of condo monies; misuse of the reserve fund; large surpluses that are misused; special assessments not explained or out of proportion to the work done; decorative changes that are given preference over needed repairs; rigged contract bidding process; contracts being awarded to the same contractors preferred by the manager with consequent loss of money; unnecessary work done by contractors; staff not doing their job so that more staff or outside contractors have to be hired; fees going up too quickly or increasing regardless of large surpluses; kickbacks, fraud, and outright theft. 

Letters/emails mentioning lack of communication from boards of directors and/or managers, especially about money issues such as reasons for fee hikes, itemized prices of upgrades and huge maintenance expenses, they don't have to answer, the Bylaws are on their side; confusing accounting; special assessments; loans. Lack of information about board meetings; refusal by boards/managers to respond to owners' enquiries and to provide information requested. It goes on and on.

The insiders do not want any changes made to the Condo Act/Bill 9, they all thrive off the condo industry. Gov't protection of the condo industry insider groups is like a safe haven for them. The insiders have much to gain by protecting their long held power, stature and huge profits. 

If you don’t know who the insiders are, the big 4 are Condo Management Companies, (it's well known Presidents of many Condo Boards have been in collusion with Management) watch for red flags, The Condo Insurance Companies, The Condo Lawyers and the well positioned Condo Contractors/Suppliers and of course the Lobbyists. They all lobby the Gov’t, big time. And you know what that means, of course, no changes. 

Condo owners have been fighting the Alberta Gov’t, like I said, since 2009 just to accomplish fairness for us owners in the Alberta Condo Act/Bill 9, at the least give us equal rights with the insiders. As it now stands, whatever the insiders do, we still have no recourse for fairness and no decent dispute tribunal to challenge a charge or fine.

Right now, in Alberta, all condo owners are being punished, and I mean supreme punishment. The NDP Gov’t, in the form of Service Alberta, is allowing this injustice to carry on under their watch. I often wondered why. Now I know why.

It just shows, without any doubt, that Service Alberta has a deep-seated disrespect for all Alberta Condo Owners.

After the promises made by the NDP then broken, we all feel betrayed and totally disappointed.  


Us Alberta condo owners pay for everything that happens in the Condo Industry, at this time the industry is very successful. But if these immoral practices continue the condos could fast become the slums of Alberta. Our condo purchases and condo fees pay all utilities, repairs, maintenance, maintaining grounds and buildings including condo townhouses, condo complexes and condo highrises.

 All tradesmen costs, all service personnel, all product suppliers, contractors, Condo Property Management Companies, Condo Insurance Companies, Condo Lawyers, anything that is related to condos and has a cost. Because of this a lot of the honest people stay employed but so do the others. It's fair to say, without us there is no condo industry.

Think about it, a condo complex with 120 units, at an average $500 a month per unit in condo fees, brings in $60,000 per month, $720,000 per year. That's only one small to medium complex.

There are well over a million condo units in Alberta. Do the math. No wonder the insiders don't want any changes made to the Condo Act/Bill 9, like I said above, they all thrive off us. We are the machine that keeps the condo industry alive and healthy, corruption and abuse is our thank you.


This extreme injustice towards all Alberta condo owners is a black eye for our Province and should be unacceptable to all Albertans.  

All Alberta Gov't Officials, all Gov't workers, all City workers, all media publishers, reporters & radio or TV personalities, the whole labor force, every resident of Alberta should take their heads out of the sand and start raising hell about this mass injustice and the length of time it's been in effect because it is bordering on dictatorship.   

Harsh word but harsher rules and regulations are being shoved down the Alberta condo owners throats right now, disguised as Bylaws, and have been since 2009. If it isn't stopped here, right now, it will get worse and will migrate to other industries. And migrate it will, there is no doubt about that.

An Old Retired Guy

Born in Edmonton, Alberta and Still Here

26 Year Condo Owner

email: watchdog.ab@gmail.com

Website: www.sierraswatchdog.com

Mac MacD


M. MacDonald webmaster www.sierraswatchdog.com

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